Hi, my name is Regina

Hi and thank you so much for visiting SpecialtyCakeCreations!

I am Regina and currently I am located in Calgary, AB (that is in Canada 😉 )

Baking is my big love and passion. I used to make decorated cakes for special occasions, but realized that I much prefer the baking and recipe-testing side over the decorating process.

Here you will find my best dessert recipes from cookies, cupcakes and bars to even the occasional cake.

My other big passion in life is travel. My husband and I just returned from a 17 months trip through SE Asia. You can read more about our travels on our blog a Nomad’s Dream.)

While we travel, I love to explore the coffee and dessert scenes at different locations. I am always up to trying something new and often I will share these new findings on the blog.

I hope you will join me and follow along in my dessert adventures from around the world (or just Canada).

I always love your feedback. If you found something helpful or have some suggestions, I am excited to hear from you! You can leave a comment with a post, use the contact page, or email me directly at regina @ specialtycakecreations dot com.

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