Baby Shower Dessert Table

7 Mar
Treats for a Baby Shower

There seems to be baby fever all around. 2 of my (former) colleagues had baby boys this year already. And did I tell you that my sister is having a baby as well? She is due just over a week after me! ‘Twin Cousins‘ my other sister says 😀

These sweet treats are from the baby shower for my co-worker. Guess who was in charge of dessert?

I made a cake, oreo cookie pops and cookies. It’s been a while since I shared any ‘decorated’ treats here but I’ll try my best to explain what I did, if you would like to recreate any of these.

Baby Shower Quadruple Chocolate Cake

Quadruple Chocolate Cake

  • I cheated with the cake layers and used a Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Cake box mix. Baking even layer cakes from scratch is still a challenge for me here in Calgary (oh you altitude). And since this cake was for a bigger gathering, I just didn’t want to risk a fail. I baked the cake in three 6″ round pans.
  • The frosting and filling is whipped chocolate ganache. After filling the layers and giving the cake a thin crumb coat, I piped vertical ruffles along the outside using a #104 petal tip.
  • The bunting was quite a work of love. I cut triangles from a wide piece of ribbon and hot-glued them on 2 pieces of twine. Then I tied it to 2 wooden skewers (top has to be longer than bottom row) before inserting into the cake
Cutting Dough for Sugar Cookies
Baby Boy Shower Cookies

Decorated Teddy & Onesie Cookies

  • I used Sweet Sugar Belle’s recipe for the cut-out sugar cookies with almond extract as flavoring.
  • The teddy and onesie cookie cutter are from a Wilton baby shower set.
  • To decorate the cookies with I made my usual egg-white royal icing. The recipe instructions are for making the icing by hand but now that I have a mixer available, I make it do all the hard work.
  • I tinted about half of the icing baby blue. I tried a fuzzy look for the teddy bear cookies with more or less success. Using a small #16 star tip I piped actual stars on some of the cookies and more of a shell pattern on others.
Baby Shower Oreo Pops
Baby Shower Cake Pops

Oreo Cookie Pops

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