Wedding Cupcake Tower in Apple Green & Chocolate Brown

8 Mar

This post is somewhat like a blast from the past.

I created these cupcakes and topper cake for a wonderful couple for their wedding cupcake tower. Somehow I missed posting about it, but I think the color theme fits greatly now with St. Patrick’s Day coming up.

60th Wedding Anniversary Chocolate Cake

27 Oct

I made a four layered chocolate cake filled with raspberry fruit filling split with marzipan and chocolate ganache. It is iced in milk chocolate buttercream and embellished with piped decorations.

White and Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

30 Jun

I made these cupcakes for a get-together at our place. There are regular and mini cupcakes on an elevated brass stand. They are decorated with chocolate rolls and shavings. And to break it up a little there is an odd … Read More »

Cake Truffles!

8 Jun

I am not sure what a truffle has to consist of to be classified as such, but I like to call these little treats cake truffles. They are a smaller bite-size version of the cake pop served in a small … Read More »

Cake Bites!

7 Jun

Continuing the series today’s post is about cake bites, some may also call them cake balls.These are actually pictures from my very first try at them. I think they turned out quite well, and this should tell you that they … Read More »

19th Birthday Glitter Cake

20 Mar

After I created her husband’s hammer birthday cake last week, the customer called me if I could also do her daughter’s birthday cake this week. They really like the flavors of the hammer cake so this one also was a … Read More »