Cake Pops!

6 Jun
Starting with this post I am beginning a series that is featuring cake pops, bites and truffles… they go by different names, depending whether they are on a stick, in a mini paper liner or just by itself.
But basically they are all the same: crumbled cake mixed with frosting, shaped and covered in chocolate.

Cake pops stay moist and fresh for an extended period of time due to the chocolate covering. They are also so versatile, as the ways to customize seem sheer endless.

Any kind of cake flavor can be combined with any of your favorite frosting flavors. Additional flavor infusions can be added. The covering chocolate can be flavored and colored in your favorite shade.

Chocolate drizzle decorations can be added in the same or a contrasting color, and sanding sugar or sprinkles can be put on also.Even small fondant or marzipan cut-out can be attached to the cake pop.

The pictures featured in this post are from an order for a Bachelorette Party. All cake pops were individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a small ribbon matching the covering chocolate.

Flavors included orange infused vanilla bean cake and rum infused chocolate fudge cake.

Matching the wedding colors the cake pops were covered in white and yellow colored chocolate and accented with silver and golden sugar sprinkles. Half of the pops were also decorated with chocolate swirls.

Ioana, who had ordered the cake pops for her friend’s bachelorette party left this wonderful note:

“I just wanted to thank you and give you props for doing such an amazing job on the cake pops.
They’re beautiful! You were wonderful to work with. I’ll pass you on to others looking for a great
baker and I’ll definitely be contacting you for more tasty treats.”

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