Specialty Ninjago Cake

20 Mar

After I created a cake for her daughter’s birthday the customer called me if I could also create a cake for her son’s birthday the following week.

Ninjago must be “the thing” among pre-teen boys currently. From three 6″ layers and one half ball of marble cake I created the head of the birthday boys favorite Ninjago character “Cole”.

It was filled and iced with chocolate buttercream.

The cake board is featuring chocolate covered and fondanted oreos to look like the lego block connectors.
Furthermore there are ninja star cut-outs from fondant.

3 thoughts on “Specialty Ninjago Cake

  1. Thank You Regina! The Cake was a HUGE hit at the party! The kids and parents were in “awww” at your creation! Once again Thank you!

  2. all those almost endless different variations of cakes look all delicous and must be very difficult to handcraft. thanks for sharing and good luck !

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