Disney Pixar Cars and Tow Mater Cake

15 Jul

This Cars cake was created for Knox’s second birthday. We created several cakes for this family last year among which was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse First Birthday Cake also for Knox.

This year his birthday was themed around the popular Disney/Pixar movie Cars. The fondant cover of the cake resembles the landscape the movie plays in.

There is the light blue sky with poofy white clouds and rolling hills from marbled brown fondant. Furthermore there are a variety of cactus, rocks, and yellow road signs.

A large Lightning McQueen sits prominently on top of the cake next to an elevated racing flag which includes the birthday message. The cake board is decorated to look like a race track with a small version of Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen.
His mom left this lovely comment on our facebook page:

Your cakes are always the highlight of our parties!!! Thank you SO much!!

Usually I prefer the van for deliveries, but it happened to be that day I had to use my husband’s car (a Porsche 928). This excerpt from the email Knox’s mom sent shows that this coincidence didn’t go unnoticed:

I can’t thank you enough for the AMAZING cake!! the birthday boy LOVES it!! and the Highlight was you delivering it in your fancy little race car :p my older guy is telling everyone that knox is so special that he even had his birthday cake delivered in a REAL RACE CAR!!


The video includes more images of the different details:

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