Hot Pink and Lime Green Cascading Flowers Wedding Cake

27 Jul
Pink and Green Wedding Cake

I was looking forward to sharing this cake with you all and am very happy to do so now. The bride’s only specifications were that it be a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, covered in white fondant with cascading flowers and that the colors were hot pink and lime green.

There were different ideas on my mind of piping buttercream flowers but in the end I decided for gumpaste flowers thinking those would display the vibrant colors best. Also I was looking forward to the opportunity to decorate a cake with a multitude of gumpaste flowers for a while already.

As a sample I was given this page of bridal bouquets in hot pink and lime green made by the talented florists at Sprout. I ended up using as inspiration the flowers they used.


Cascading Gumpaste Flowers

Cascading down the three tiered cake are hot pink roses and rose buds, lime green chrysanthemums, and light pink and baby green filler flowers in bundles and singles.The tiers are separated with shell borders from white icing. On the top tier thrones a modern bridal couple wedding cake topper.

With the help of my wonderful husband the cake was delivered to the Executive Boardroom, the boat where the wedding was held.


I shot a little video of the cake before delivering it to show you more of the details. Definitely I need to work on my video taking skills (tripod next time..) especially for tall cakes, but bear with me. And I will be more than happy to hear any tips or tricks you might have.


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