Winnie the Pooh First Birthday Cake with Smash Cake

23 Jun

This fun and colorful Winnie the Pooh cake was created for a first birthday together with a small smash cake for the birthday boy.

The main cake is highlighted with a cake topper featuring Winnie, Tigger, and Piglet in a birthday scene. To match the topper, I made additional fondant balloons on lollipop sticks decorate the top. There are also some fondant bushes flowers and bees.

Along the sides of both cakes there are more balloons, bees, bushes and flowers. Both are iced in vanilla bean buttercream tinted yellow. The flavors were vanilla bean cake with milk chocolate buttercream.

The birthday boys name is decorating the cake board. I used alphabet cookie cutters to cut out the letters.

I put a video together featuring the different elements of the cake and close-ups of the highlights.


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