Hello Kitty Cake

22 Aug

This Hello Kitty cake was created for a special going-away party. It is a combination of several designs the customer found and I suggested.

The top is adorned with a Hello Kitty cut out from white, pink and hot pink fondant. She also has a brown flower with pink center in her head.

The Hello Kitty applique is definitely the eye-catcher of this cake. Some people assumed I used a fancy Cricut Cake machine for the Hello Kitty design. And while I would love to be the owner of this fancy cutting machine, I actually hand cut the entire design!

It is a red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream covered in light pink fondant with a fondant band on the bottom.

Also decorating the top is a large elegant bow from gumpaste in the same shade of pink as the cake. It is dusted with luster dust. For dusting a big piece like this, I use a large cosmetic brush purchased exclusively for dusting fondant and gumpaste. There are also pump brushes out there specifically for cake decorating, which apply more powder to the brush bristles with the push of a button.

All around the sides of the cake there are fondant flower cut outs in pink and brown with opposite colour centers. The pink parts are also dusted with luster dust.

Similar to my simple flowery cupcake toppers I used different sizes of Wilton daisy cutters and JEM daisy center stamps to create the flowers.

9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cake

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  2. How much is the hello kitty cake? I’m preparing my 1 year old daughter birthday party. We live in Bellevue, WA

  3. I love this cake design!! My daughter requested a Hello Kitty cake for her 5th birthday and this was the first image I came across when I Googled it. I absolutely fell in love and didn’t look any further. I’ll be sure to give you all the credit for your super cute idea!!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I can almost not take the credit for this design. The customer I made this cake for was very particular and had very specific requests about the design 🙂 But she had very good taste so I loved how it came out, too!

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