Birthday Golf Course Cake

3 Aug
Golf Cake

The golf course cake design was making a comeback for a birthday this time.

This cake is only slightly smaller than the version from earlier this year, but otherwise was requested to look basically the same.

It was a chocolate fudge cake filled and frosted with peanut butter icing and covered in green fondant.

There is a light blue buttercream pond with a gumpaste golf bag laying in the sand and a flag indicating the age of the birthday child.

With the cake also some cake pops in the shape of golf balls were included.

If you are interested to know how you can make a gumpaste golf bag like this yourself, I put together a guide on Amazon for you.
In detailed step-by-step instruction with lots of pictures I am explaining how a golf bag like this can be created.


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Go here to pick up your copy of the guide.

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