Black on White Flowers – Cookies

28 Feb

The other day I felt inspired while doing dishes…

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? How can such a mundane task get the creative juices going?

Well, quite easily. I was washing these coffee mugs my husband and I purchased when we just got to Thailand. While our place comes partially furnished, with some dishes even, mugs and glasses were missing.

We really liked the black and white pattern back then, and they came with a red or blue inside. Guess, who got which?

Having a close look at the pattern again while I was washing out the mugs, suddenly the idea came that these line drawing flowers would look very pretty on a decorated cookie as well.

I still had some white icing so I quickly piped a white base on some Sesame Butter Cookies I had just bought other day. The top is sprinkled with large sugar crystals, so I decorated the bottom side.

The next day I stirred some lots of black coloring into some icing for a dark contrasted line drawing.

Using mainly No. 1 and 0 and even 00 icing tips I pretended I was line drawing flowers.

And voila, the result of dish washing inspiration:

When do you feel most inspired? Where is the inspiration coming from?

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