Dress Cookies Recipe

18 Aug
Cookies with Green Glaze

Have a gander at these Dress Cookies and consider them for your next event for a stunning presentation and even better taste! I know, it’s so cliche, but inspiration truly can come from everywhere! One of my last projects in … Read More »

Decorating Store-Bought Cookies

6 Feb

Decorating cookies can be really easy. Who ever said that in order to ice cookies you need to bake them yourself?

Maybe you have no time, aren’t in the mood to mess up the just cleaned kitchen, or think you have no baking talent.

Strawberry Creme Oreos in China

25 Nov

On our travel to Thailand we had an unplanned extended layover in Beijing, China. While the airline looked after accommodation and food for us, on our last day the hotel was so busy with 2 weddings and several meetings that … Read More »

Specialty Bridal Shower Cookies

12 Sep

These cookies I created for a bridal shower. They are almond sugar cookies decorated with royal icing using the flooding technique. Others are decorated with cut-outs from fondant and marzipan. Specialty Cookies can be created for all kinds of celebrations … Read More »