17 Oct

The seasons we observe in nature are all about change. In my opinion fall is the season that depicts so wonderfully how change doesn’t have to be frightening but can be something very beautiful and colorful.

This large sheet cake was created for the installation service we had for our new assistant pastor and his family. It was a layer of chocolate and one of vanilla bean cake split with a chocolate mousse filling and iced in vanilla bean buttercream.

It is decorated in an assortment of gerbera daisies in the fall colors of dark red, orange and yellow.

There are also some changes lying ahead for this site. Some of you might have read my contact page, where I announced a while ago that my husband and I are planning to travel Southeast Asia, Thailand majorly, for the next year or so. (We will have a blog, once it’s up I will share the link)

This means, I won’t be able to take on any cake orders this time. But it doesn’t mean this blog will be quiet in this time. Not at all actually.

I still have many pictures from cake projects that are waiting to be edited and blogged about.

Also, while I might not be able to do big and fancy cakes, I cannot see myself not baking in the year ahead. I will be sharing with you my baking experiences with Asian ingredients and hopefully all the new recipes I learn (there will be a new recipe tab).

The cakes I will be doing, will be mainly for my husband and I, so this will give me a chance to try out all these new techniques I have been waiting to do. And very willingly will I be sharing these together with tutorials.

There is also my Etsy shop that I will keep running and continuously adding new items. Have a look! I have already added a number of new articles since last time. Soon there will be a tab that will lead you directly to the shop.

So, please hang in there with me, while all these changes are being implemented. I am excited about all the changes laying ahead in the near and far future, and I hope you will be with me!

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