He-Man Cake and Masters of the Universe Cupcakes

1 Aug
He Man shaped cake

For a 30th birthday party I received this unusual request for a He-Man cake and cupcakes of the Masters of the Universe show’s characters.

I myself, unlike my husband and my sister, was not familiar with this cartoon hero, at all. It must have been around when I was growing up but somehow I never got to know the Masters of the Universe.

All of this was to change with this order.

The customer provided me with a number of pictures of He-Man and all the characters. So it was time for me to get up and close with them. At some point in time (1983) Wilton actually came out with a cake pan that would produce a He-Man shaped cake.

I used some of those cakes as inspiration for this cake which was carved from a large sheet cake. The vanilla bean cake with chocolate buttercream was covered and decorated in fondant to make to look like He-Man in his armor.

The cupcakes were chocolate chip flavor with chocolate buttercream and each decorated with a cupcake topper in the shape of the Masters of the Universe made from fondant. Although, I didn’t know the characters before, the Masters of the Universe and I share a deep connection now 😉

I would love to hear if you are familiar with this action hero at all?

5 thoughts on “He-Man Cake and Masters of the Universe Cupcakes

  1. the cake & cupcakes look great; i like the cute interpretations of the characters. i watched the He-Man and She-Ra cartoons as a lil’ kid in the ’80s 🙂


  2. Thank you very much LH.

    Realizing how many people used to watch it makes me wonder what I missed out on. I should see if I can find an episode on Youtube 😉

    • Hi Regina,
      Funny enough i received a request for a cake for He Man..and just like you i have no clue who he is..any suggestions on modelling he man in fondant? You did an awesome job on the cake i hope mine can come out just as great.

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