Pink and Purple Polka Dot Last Day of School Cupcake Tower

29 Jul
Pink & Purple Cupcake Tower

I realize I am a little late posting this, as these cupcakes were ‘ordered’ by youngest sister for the last day of school before summer break.

With her birthday being in August, she is one of those children whose birthdays ALWAYS fall during summer break.

This can be a good thing, but most of the time you do not get to celebrate with friends from school as either most of them or your own family is away on vacation.

So this year she had a special idea for the last school day.


To celebrate the last day of school and the beginning of summer, and also as an early celebration of her birthday she asked if I could make cupcakes for her to share in school.

For her 9 years of age (almost 10) I was really impressed with her professionalism in ‘ordering’. She knew exactly how many students and teachers there were to share with and how many of them were boy or girls.

The pink lined cupcakes were decorated with fondant flowers for the girls and for the boys there were purple ones with sprinkles.Her flavor requests were chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, as she thought (rightfully so) that most would like those. They were paired with chocolate, vanilla bean, and raspberry buttercream icing.

She also informed me that there are a couple students who cannot eat dairy products. She assumed they would not be able to have a cupcake, but I told her that I could provide a solution with vegan chocolate cupcakes and vegan vanilla icing, which are safe for them to eat.

If you are looking for vegan cake and dessert recipes, I highly recommend Claire Gosse’s dessert cookbook “Are you sure that’s vegan?” It is full of all favorite baked goodies as vegan version.
Are you sure that's vegan?


From my sister’s accounts the cupcakes were enjoyed by everyone and she really made me proud. Wanting to treat her class mates she thought of me to help with that.

And I am realizing that somewhere along the way, with her older sister being a cake baker and decorator, she must have picked up what is important for ordering cakes. It almost makes me sentimental 🙂

She is enjoying a great summer so far and is going to celebrate her real birthday really soon. Stay tuned for that.

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