Cherry Blossom Cupcakes

17 Apr
Making Cherry Blossom Toppers

Spring has arrived in most parts of the Northern hemisphere. Easter usually is a sure sign for me that winter is over, but observing the arrival of spring in nature is way better than only on the calendar.

Although, technically we are still in the Northern half of the globe, here in Southern Thailand, is it already so close to the equator, that we have a very tropical climate and no 4 seasons to observe.

Cherry Blossoms in Thailand

So unfortunately, there are no blooming trees everywhere (every tree has there own schedule here and some will bloom, lose leaves, and carry fruit all at the same time). But things are very different in Japan at the moment, where my friend Melanie is a missionary and English teacher, who allowed me to share these pictures.

Cherry blossoms are kind of a really big deal in the spring time in Japan. There is a century-old tradition called Hanami where people go out to parks with family and friends to have picnics and flower-viewing parties. Cherry blossoms have rich symbolic meaning and appear on many Japanese articles, like dishes and traditional clothing.

Cherry Blossom Topper on Cupcake
Green Fondant with Cherry Blossoms

Although there is no sea of blossoms to observe here, I still felt like making a springtime cupcake topper, and the cherry blossom design seemed very appropriate.

If you also like create some cherry blossom cupcake toppers, check out the video below for a tutorial. It is also easily adaptable for decorated cookies.

Common Questions

How to make easy cupcake toppers?

Making easy cupcake toppers can be a fun and simple process. You can use fondant or gum paste to create various shapes and designs, or even try using edible paper and printers for more intricate designs. Additionally, using cookie cutters or stencils can help create uniform shapes for your toppers.

How do you use cupcake toppers?

Cupcake toppers can add an extra touch of creativity and charm to your baked goods. Once you’ve created your toppers, you can simply insert them into the frosting or icing on top of your cupcakes. Make sure they are secure and stable, and gently press them into the frosting to keep them in place.

How to make cupcake cookie toppers?

Creating cupcake cookie toppers can be a delightful way to enhance your baked treats. To make them, you can use similar techniques to those for regular cupcake toppers, but adjust the size and thickness of the designs to fit the surface area of the cookies. Using royal icing or fondant can be a great option for decorating cookies with cupcake-themed toppers.

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