St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

15 Mar
Cupcakes with Fondant Decorations

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in just a couple days!  Are you excited?  I know I sure am!  What a better way to try new, tasty desserts and interesting recipes than a holiday?

That being said, let me admit right here and right now, I have no Irish roots or even the slightest connection whatsoever to an Irish heritage.  It also doesn’t seem like anyone here in Thailand is aware of this upcoming holiday. Except for the tropical jungle, no one is making any effort to “make things green”.  I guess, I will have to take it upon myself to make things just a little greener, beginning with this fun cupcake recipe.

You might be thinking: “why I would create St. Patrick’s Day cupcake toppers, of all things?”  Well, to be honest, I have glanced through many food blogger’s creations in the recent weeks and they happened to be all dedicated to Patty’s Day. All this green food got my creative juices flowing to a point where I just had to act out my own creative spin on things.  Baking is just more fun that way, right?

Cutting Fondant Decorations

This is the “work in progress” picture from instagram.

While I have seen many cookies and cakes for the “green holiday”, I thought making some fondant cupcake decorations, all without special cutters would be a really unique spin on things.  The shamrock was easily put together with 4 mini hearts glued together (with gum-glue) on a small dot with a little stem.

The leprechaun’s hat was cut out with one large circle cutter. I hope you can see the cut lines in the bottom right picture. I got the idea from the super talented Georganne guest-posting over at Sugarbelle’s.  Thankfully, what works with cookie dough usually works with fondant and in the case of this dessert, this remains true.

Fondant Pot of Gold

Although the rainbow, to many, could potentially be the confusing or more challenging part, I found it to be quite simple.  For the rainbow I rolled out thin strips in each color and glued them to a curved piece of white support fondant.  Simple as that!  The pot is simply a medium-sized circle with a rim and feet attached. Then, I connected the pot and the rainbow together.

Well, as the legend goes, at the end of the rainbow no one cares to find an empty pot, so I glued on lots of little golden dragees to represent lots of leprechaun gold!  There can’t be St. Patty’s Day without a little leprechaun gold thrown in the mix, can there?

Trio of St Patrick's Cupcakes

Cupcake toppers tend to be pretty but they simply don’t look very good without cupcakes. So, I bought (still no oven) banana cupcakes and frosted them with green icing. They made a great display for the cupcake toppers and even better evening snack for my husband and me!

How did you spend your St. Patty’s Day?  Did you do anything special to celebrate?  Better yet, did you cook or bake anything special?  Please share your ideas with me!

Common Questions

What dessert is eaten on St Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is often celebrated with various desserts, but some popular choices include Irish-themed treats such as Irish soda bread, shamrock-shaped cookies, and green-colored cupcakes or cakes.

What is a traditional St Patrick’s Day dish?

One of the most traditional dishes associated with St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef and cabbage. This meal has become a staple of the holiday, often served alongside potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables.

What is a good Saint Patrick’s Day menu?

A good Saint Patrick’s Day menu often includes a mix of traditional Irish dishes and festive, green-themed foods. Some classic menu items might include corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, shepherd’s pie, green salads, and various green desserts like mint-flavored treats or desserts decorated with green icing.

What are some St Patrick’s Day traditions?

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with various customs and traditions. These may include wearing green clothing, attending parades, decorating with shamrocks and other green-themed decorations, enjoying Irish music and dance, and partaking in traditional Irish foods and drinks.

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