Specialty Kermit Cake

17 Aug

This is the cake I told you to watch out for. For her mother this time the customer ordered a Kermit themed cake. The scenery is inspired by Kermit’s song “Its not easy being green” where he sits on a log with a ukulele.

Kermit, the ukulele and the other decorations are made from gumpaste. The pond actually is blue jello.

It is a white cake with raspberry fruit filling, iced with raspberry-white chocolate buttercream and covered in fondant which is marbleized in different shades of green.

Watch the video for some more close-up details.


2 thoughts on “Specialty Kermit Cake

  1. This is just wonderful! Not just this one in particular, but all of your birthday cakes. I’m so sad that you don’t live further North…my little guy turns 2 in November and there is no one around who can do fantastic cakes like you can!

    I guess I’ll have to settle with just looking at the pictures! Great job 🙂

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