Pretty in Pink – Valentine’s Day Cookies

9 Feb

Only 5 more days until Valentine’s Day. Fitting the mood that we all are in hopefully, I decorated cookies in pretty pink on white.

I found myself daydreaming about all kinds of different designs and patterns I could pipe. And almost started feeling anxious that I might forget an idea and fearing that this particular creative thought might never see day-light.

Since I didn’t want to end up with an anxiety attack I quickly drafted all these creative designs in my notebook. Pheeww… Now I felt better.

When time came to decorate cookies the next time all these scribbles and drafts kept calling my name, demanding to be enabled to come out of my notebook.

I couldn’t resist and helped a lot of them to be set free all in the same batch.

This is the story of why intricate filigree patterns appear next modern stripes and abstract squiggles. And how lace patterns came together with brush embroidered flowers all in one piping session.

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