Strawberry Creme Oreos in China

25 Nov

On our travel to Thailand we had an unplanned extended layover in Beijing, China.

While the airline looked after accommodation and food for us, on our last day the hotel was so busy with 2 weddings and several meetings that nothing worked as the days before.

We could not figure out where we could get breakfast. The few staff that could speak English didn’t do so very well. To be honest, after two days of rice porridge, warm cabbage, and steamed wheat squares in gravy for breakfast we didn’t crave it much for a third day.

This is what we resorted to: We waited until the little shop in the lobby opened and got ourselves these Chinese Strawberry Creme Oreos.

Now, how is that for a nutritious breakfast? Grain product, dairy and fruit – sounds like a balanced diet to me 😀

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