Fall Flowers Anniversary Cake

25 Oct

If you have read this previous post you know already that I am in love with the colorful beauty of fall.

No surprise then that I was extremely excited when I received the request for this 50th wedding anniversary cake and was asked to make floral decorations in gold and rust tones fitting for the season.

I made golden yellow gerbera daisies, chrysanthemum in burnt orange, and autumn rust-red roses. The flower bouquet lies on a bed of fall colored leaves in yellow-reds and red-browns.

To complete the bouquet and to add height to the arrangement light brown acorns and deep red hypericum berries are included.

Who would have thought that as a cake decorator I would also feel like a florist at times 🙂

The cake flavor was lemon poppy-seed with a light and fresh lemon mousse filling, iced in vanilla bean buttercream.

I usually pipe rather simple borders, but this special cake called for something a little more elaborate. But the white-on-white effect still maintains the elegance of this fall bouquet cake.

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  1. Thank you for your guide, I read your tips all are informative & it’s added some value to my knowledge about flower bouquets. Keep posting such kind of stuff in the future too.

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