Specialty Diego & Baby Jaguar Cake

12 Aug

I created this birthday cake themed around the children’s show “Go Diego Go” with special focus on Baby Jaguar.

It is a chocolate cake filled with raspberry fruit filling, iced with chocolate buttercream, and covered in light brown fondant. With chocolate fondant jaguar spots were added. All around there are jungle trees and bushes and a waterfall from marbled fondant is running down on one side.

On top rests a Diego & Baby Jaguar bubble machine. The bubbles can either be blown through a hand-held wand or Diego blows them through a moving wand on Baby Jaguar’s tail. The cake was delivered to Peachland.

It was a lot of fun creating this cake for the same customer I created the Specialty Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake for a few months ago. Look out for another one coming next week, she always has exciting theme suggestions.

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