Flower Cupcake Toppers Recipe

11 Aug

These Flowery Cupcake Toppers are sure to add a fun and simple splash to your next dessert or baking adventure!

Four Images of Cupcake Toppers

There are many amazing, fancy and wonderful ways to decorate cupcakes. But sometimes it doesn’t have to be too fancy or perhaps there is no time for anything elaborate. Perhaps you enjoy a minimalist approach.

So today I want to share a simpler way to add a little something to your cupcakes. And who says that something simple can’t still be amazing? Many of us enjoy when things are made simple. It allows the dish to speak for itself in a more meaningful way. One might say that there is less to hide behind, and that is a beautiful thing.

Floral Cupcake Toppers

Flower Cupcake Toppers with Room for Creative License

What I will show you that fits this criteria are these simple flower cupcake toppers.

I think the key to making them “pop” is to chose 3 fondant colors that complement each other but are still contrasting and then arranging them in three different ways.

This particular set was created for a 70s theme party so I choose moss green (green+a little black), mustard yellow (yellow+a touch of brown) and burnt orange (orange+a little red+a touch of brown) as colors. The best part about this is the creativity that is allowed. Feel free to really let your flair for a certain color combination show! Cooking is a fantastic medium for expression and this recipe accentuates that.

Green Flower-shaped Cutters

Types of Flower Cutters You Can Use

Of course, you can work with any flower cutters that you already own. I believe Wilton discontinued the flower cutter set these light green cutters are from. But when I look at their current Gum Paste Flowers Set, it looks like two very similar flower cutters are included, only in blue this time.

For the centers, you can use a simple small dot. I used a daisy center stamp from JEM Cutters, but this Flower Centers Mold from First Impression Molds will work as well. Use whichever suits you.

Black and Pink Cupcake Toppers

Flower Cupcake Toppers Recipe

So let’s get to it. For a set of 12 cupcake toppers, simply cut out 4 large flowers in each of your 3 fondant colors. Do the same for the smaller flowers as well as the centers. and the centers. Stack and glue together with a little water or gum glue a large flower, a smaller flower and a center – each of a different color, and there you have it. A combination that catches the eye.

It seems simple – but I must admit I got a little flustered with the three color combinations. So maybe assemble first before gluing them all together.

Finally, as the last step and when the flowers have dried a little, you can brush them with some Pearl Dust if you like a little shimmer and bling. Add your pizzazz as you wish! Maybe you are also preparing your batch of cookies for a themed party or event, and you can dress the cookies accordingly with related colors and confectionary toppings like powdered sugar or Pearl Dust.

Simplicity is Delicious!

In the end, they’re fun and simple! It is quite therapeautic to work through and stack them atop one another, albeit sometimes requiring concentration! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and maybe it comes in handy for you. As always, I would love for you to share your creations.

You can email me at regina @ leelalicious.com and with your permission I can post them to the website or we could connect even simpler via my Facebook Page.

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Common Questions

How to make easy cupcake toppers?

Making easy cupcake toppers can be a fun and creative activity. You can use fondant or gum paste to cut out simple shapes like flowers, stars, or hearts using cookie cutters or specialized fondant cutters. Stack them with a small amount of water or edible glue for a delightful decoration.

How to make easy flowers on cupcakes?

Creating easy flowers on cupcakes can be achieved using fondant or buttercream. With fondant, you can use flower-shaped cutters to cut out the shapes, stack them, and add a small edible ball in the center. Alternatively, with buttercream, you can use a piping bag fitted with a petal tip to create beautiful flower designs directly on the cupcakes.

What tip do you use for flower cupcakes?

For creating flower cupcakes, using a piping tip with a petal shape is ideal. Wilton’s 104 or 124 tip works wonderfully for creating different types of flowers, including roses, daisies, and ruffles. The tip allows you to create delicate and intricate petal designs that give a realistic floral appearance to your cupcakes.

What flowers are safe to put on a cake?

When it comes to decorating cakes with flowers, it’s crucial to use edible flowers that are safe for consumption. Some common edible flowers include roses, violets, pansies, and marigolds, among others. It’s essential to ensure that the flowers have not been treated with any chemicals or pesticides and are safe for consumption before placing them on a cake.

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