Specialty Pumpkin Cake

7 Sep

This is a specialty pumpkin cake I created for my sister’s birthday.

Pumpkin Shaped Cake

The flavor theme of this cake is hazelnut: Hazelnut cake and hazelnut marble cake with hazelnut buttercream and hazelnut flavored chocolate ganache. The entire cake is covered in orange marzipan and decorated with green marzipan leaves.

Watch the video for more pictures.

UPDATE September 2013:

It is very easy to make your own pumpkin shaped cake.

  • Just bake 2 bundt cakes and stack them – turning one bundt up side down.
  • Fill with icing as desired and cover with any type of orange colored icing. I used marzipan, but orange fondant or orange tinted buttercream will work too.
  • As finishing touches add some green vines, leaves and a stem.

4 thoughts on “Specialty Pumpkin Cake

  1. One word WOW, is that a word? Your cake is gorgeous! It’s a good idea to present this cake to school what do you think? Kinds will love it! And thanks for the video

    • Glad you like this cake so much Mickael 🙂 I made is almost exactly 3 years ago for my sister’s birthday. But I bet children would love this cake a lot!

  2. This was the best birthday cake I ever had!!! It had everything I love (marzipan and hazelnuts)
    Thank you so much. I still remember it every now and then.
    Miss you!

    Your Sister

    • Aww…I am happy to hear you still remember the cake. It actually was one of the quickest 3D cakes I ever made.
      Doesn’t marzipan make everything taste good 😀
      We miss you guys too. Hi to A and L

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